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IZI Radiation Therapy

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Radiation treatment can provide highly effective results when used properly. But the drawback is that unless precisely administered, radiation can harm healthy tissue as well as diseased ones.
IZI has a wide range of products that help you precisely direct radiation to places where it’s needed and away from where it could cause harm.
I.Z. PORT® Skin Markers, IZI Gold Fiducial Markers, and our wide range of other markers help guide your treatment exactly where you want it to go. Products like MoldCare Pillows and IZI Thermoplastic Masks help keep patients comfortable and locked in place for the most accurate treatment possible.


VISICOIL™ is the original flexible linear fiducial marker for use with today’s most accurate image guided radiotherapy treatment plans.


VISICOIL MR is made out of platinum, for optimal visibility in MR, CT and ultrasound imaging.


Designed for CyberKnife® Image-guided robotic stereotactic radiosurgery.

Thermoplastic Masks

Least shrinkage of all leading thermoplastic masks.
Better working time for a more detailed, better-fitting mask.
Stronger than standard RT thermoplastic masks
T-Lok™ pin design for easy on/ off use.

Multi-Modality Markers

Clear, Accurate Reference Points for Radiation Therapy and Radiology.

Indicator® Radiolucent Markers

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