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IQM – Integral Quality Monitor

Safely minimizing patient time

An increasing number of Radiation Therapy clinics worldwide are introducing hypo-fractionated treatment techniques into their clinical routine. High quality treatment delivered in a single or just a few fractions minimizes the time a patient must spend receiving Radiation Therapy. Reducing the duration of a treatment course from 6 weeks, with conventional fractionation, to merely a week of hypo-fractionated treatments significantly improves the convenience for the patient without compromising clinical outcome. At the same time, Radiation Therapy departments can save valuable resources and increase their treatment capacity, making high quality care available to more patients.


Especially now, in times of the Covid-19 crisis, hypo-fractionation significantly reduces the exposure of the cancer patient to a possible infection. Delivering the prescribed radiation in fewer, higher doses poses increased risk and new demands for quality assurance. Quality Assurance of conventional fractionation is process oriented. Clinical staff ensures consistent high performance of the treatment processes and equipment through frequent pre-treatment plan QA and regular machine QA. Possible deviations are managed by adapting the prescription for the residual fractions.