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Veterinary Solutions

We are proud suppliers of radiation therapy equipment and supplies to animal care providers throughout the US.

Vacuum cushions to comfortably yet securely keep position.
U-Frame Thermoplastics for secure head positioning and SoftStrips™ Covers for sealing the sharp edges after cutting the mask.

Vacuum activated positioning system enabling you to safely, precisely, and efficiently secure animals into any position.  MacroMedics® vacuum cushions are manufactured from durable and easy to clean materials. They have an easy-to-use valve that does not leak. The vacuum cushions can be easily indexed on the couch-top with a carbon fiber vacuum cushion positioning strip.

Through joint cooperation, MacroMedics® and a leading thermoplastics manufacturer have designed a new line of thermoplastics offering high rigidity and very low shrinkage with near transparency while processing the material.
Thermoplastic masks are invaluable tools to ensure precise radiation, however, jagged edges after cutting the material can create discomfort for both patient and therapist. 

SoftStrips™ Covers are a cushioned, adhesive-backed material that is easy for therapists to apply.

Calming Calendula is our key ingredient and is used to cool, revive and soothe radiated skin that is burned and uncomfortable.  Works great also to soothe and heal cuts, hot spots, itch and insect bites, scrapes and skin rash.

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