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In order to reduce the exposure of Covid-19 to both patients and staff, we are seeing clinics like yours, treat more patients with fewer fractions. With hypofractionated therapy comes an increased importance for accurate targeting and robust immobilization and here at XRT Medical we have sourced products to assist you.


The Anzai AZ-733VI unique ability to pair a patient’s inspiration rate with clear visual biofeedback makes it possible to maximize the stability of internal organs and the PTV. This allows for an increased dose to the tumor with decreased toxicity to vital organs.


The MacroMedics® DSPS® Double Shell Positioning System strikes the perfect balance among the often competing aspects of patient comfort, accuracy and throughput. Docking to most common manufacturer’s head & neck baseplates, the DSPS concept is created around an ultra-light carbon fiber cradle with low attenuation.


Integral Quality Monitoring (IQM) is an automated “final check” of the intensity and localization of radiation therapy beams. It consists of a dose and location monitor that sits between the radiation source and the patient, verifying delivery independently.


Enhanced MR visibility when compared to gold due to increased magnetic susceptibility.


A single point of access for all your QA data, protocols, templates and operations.


Lightweight rail system providing quick and easy handling for stereotactic treatments.